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Dentist in Texas City Says Baby Teeth Matter, Too!

April 12, 2018

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child dental visitWhen you look down upon your child, you can’t help but fall in love! Those pearly whites get you every time when they look up and give you that cheesy smile.

A heartwarming smile isn’t the only thing baby teeth are good for though. Your little one’s smile helps to lay the foundation for their permanent adult teeth to grow into, which is why your dentist in Texas City always emphasizes keeping great care of kid’s teeth from an early age. Learn more about children’s dental health in this week’s blog post.

It’s Important to Start Children’s Dental Health Early On

You might think that your child’s baby teeth are just cute little placeholders for your little one’s adult smile. Although this is partially true, this doesn’t make it any less important for you to care for them.  The more attentive you are to your child’s smile early on helps to establish a solid foundation for your child’s adult teeth to develop into correctly.

Here are a few helpful tips from your children’s dentist to help make your child’s dental health a priority early on. Be sure to keep these things in mind.

Tips to Optimize Your Child’s Oral Health at Home

Your dentist will help you to care for your little one’s teeth in our office—but our care doesn’t just stop when you step outside our doors. We will also give helpful advice for keeping their smile’s strong from the comfort of your own home, like by offering these tips:

  • If your child doesn’t have teeth yet, you can massage their gums with a cool cloth and your finger. Get them familiar with someone working in their mouth so that when you do introduce a toothbrush to them or visit a dentist, it’s not a complete shock.
  • Brush your child’s teeth with a soft toothbrush and just water while they are young. Once they can spit effectively, then add a toothpaste to their routine.
  • Encourage good flossing habits as soon as two of their teeth develop next to each other.
  • Monitor your child’s brushing habits as they get older and begin caring for their teeth on their own. They should still be brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day!

Taking care of your whole family’s health can be a big task—but you’re not alone. Your local dentist is here to help you with oral care starting with the youngest members of your family!

About Our Office

Here at Dental Cosmetic Center, we don’t want you to ignore baby teeth and their oral care needs. Children’s dental health helps to lay the foundation to healthy teen and adult smiles—and we’re here to help you. Contact us today to schedule your child’s next dental visit with our friendly office team.



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