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Your Dentist in Texas City Says a Meatless Diet Could Cause Problems

June 8, 2018

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array of vegetables multi coloredBoth the vegetarian and vegan diets have gained popularity recently, with more and more people giving up meat. Although followers of this lifestyle tout the health benefits of it, your dentist in Texas City says there is a need to take a deeper look at some of the impacts this lifestyle can have on your oral health. As you read on, your preventive care expert will explain some of the possible issues with removing meat from your diet.

The Danger of Over-Snacking

When meat is removed from your diet, you’re actually taking away a source of protein, which not only helps to build strong teeth and connective tissues, but also satiates your hunger. Thus, people who miss out on a sure source of protein are more prone to snacking constantly throughout the day.

The problem with the latter is that every time you eat, the pH level in your mouth drops momentarily, making the environment more acidic. Therefore, if you’re snacking more throughout the day because you’re not being satiated, then your mouth becomes an incubator for more and more bacteria to grow.

The Problem with Acid

Everything within the human body has dual traits. For example, if it weren’t for acids in your stomach, you couldn’t properly digest the foods you eat. Conversely, when acid is present in abundance in the mouth, it becomes problematic.

Thus, people who exclude meat from their diets and consume more carbohydrate (sugar) rich foods are more likely to have a lower pH level in their mouth. That’s because when sugar is broken down in the body, it becomes very acidic. Furthermore, bacteria – which are acidic also – love to feed on sugar, as it helps them grow rapidly.

Lack of Re-mineralizing Capabilities

A final problem with a diet that’s devoid of meat and protein is that you miss out on the vital re-mineralizing properties that counteract the acidity of your mouth. One reason this happens is there aren’t enough amino acids to aid in the re-mineralization process.

The idea is to seek balance. As discussed, a diet high in carbohydrates, that contain little-to-no meats and protein, contributes to oral problems. On the other hand, a diet that contains too much protein creates the same effect. The objective, then, is to take a balanced approach to your food intake and your oral health.

A simple means of taking a balanced approach to your dental wellness is to maintain semi-annual visits with your local dentist for cleanings and checkups. These appointments will help you manage your health instead of chase down problems.

To learn more about how to enhance your oral health, contact your dentist’s office to set-up a visit today!

About the Author

Dr. John Hackbarth earned his DDS degree from the University of Texas Dental School at Houston. Since then, he’s remained dedicated to providing his patients with the absolute best in dental care. To stay abreast of the latest innovations in the oral care field, he maintains memberships in several professional organizations. Dr. Hackbarth helps patients enjoy optimal oral health at Dental Cosmetic Center and can be reached for more information through his website.

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