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5 Easy Tips for Improving Your Oral Hygiene at Home

February 7, 2020

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Smiling woman with great oral hygiene from her Texas City dentistEveryone wants a pretty smile, but did you know that your oral health plays an important role in your general wellbeing too? Research indicates that poor oral hygiene is connected to issues like rheumatoid arthritis, memory loss, and even heart disease. That’s one of many reasons why it’s so important to get a dental checkup from your Texas City dentist every six months. However, it’s up to you to keep your smile happy and healthy until your next appointment. Here are five easy and effective tips for improving your oral hygiene at home.

Tip #1: Use Fluoride Products

Did you know that brushing and flossing can’t prevent cavities without fluoride? This important mineral is absorbed by your enamel, which then becomes fortified and resistant to decay. Most dental products contain fluoride, but not all. Make sure to use fluoridated toothpastes and mouthwashes that have the American Dental Association’s Seal of Approval.

Tip #2: Try a Specialized Mouthwash

Although they look similar, not all mouthwashes work the same. Cosmetic rinses can freshen your breath in a snap, but only mask the smell. To treat the cause of your bad breath, you need to use an antiseptic mouthwash. In fact, there are numerous mouthwashes designed to treat a variety of oral health issues like plaque buildup and gum disease.

Tip #3: Cut Back on Sugary Snacks

Your mouth is naturally full of oral bacteria that feeds off the sugars in the foods you eat. While too many of any type of sugary snack will result in cavities, some choices are worse for your smile than others. Chewy, sticky candies like taffy easily get stuck between your teeth and can cause damage to your fillings or other dental work.

Tip #4 Limit How Often You Eat

It’s common knowledge that sugary foods cause cavities, but did you know that snacking throughout the day can dramatically increase your risk of tooth decay? It’s vital for the health of your smile that you limit how often you eat. If you do choose to snack, try eating more low-fat dairy products, vegetables, lean proteins, and fruits to naturally boost your oral health.

Tip #5 Quit Chewing or Smoking Tobacco

Tobacco products have a devastating effect on your entire body, including your mouth. Aside from causing minor inconveniences like bad breath and stained teeth, tobacco products also slow down your body’s natural healing process. This significantly raises your chances of major issues like tooth loss, gum disease, and oral cancer. Quitting tobacco is not an easy undertaking, but it is well worth the effort.

These easy tips are an excellent way to improve how you take care of your oral health at home. With routine checkups and great oral hygiene, you and your dentist can keep your smile sparkling and clean for years to come!

About the Author

Dr. John Hackbarth and his team at Dental Cosmetic Center in Texas City, TX are dedicated to helping you and your family achieve and maintain a happy, healthy smile for life. Dr. Hackbarth stays up to date on the newest technologies and techniques in the dental industry to ensure that you always receive the most effective, efficient, and comfortable treatment possible. He’d be happy to answer any questions you have about better at-home oral hygiene, so feel free to contact him via his website or at (409) 935-2111.


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