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Laser Dentistry from the Dentist in Texas City

There’s a dentist in Texas City offering laser dentistry. At the Dental Cosmetic Center, our team takes pride in offering our patients high quality dentistry with a hi-tech approach. Laser dentistry allows your dentist in Texas City to provide more comfortable, efficient soft tissue procedures and also makes early detection of cavities easier. Yes, we’re simply offering better dental experiences with our soft tissue laser and DIAGNOdent!

Why We Use a Soft Tissue Laser

Gum disease affects the majority of adults living in the United States to some extent, and its prompt treatment is vital for continued oral and overall health. Gum disease occurs when the bacteria that is naturally present in your mouth makes a home between your teeth and gums, eventually creating deep pockets of infection in the gum tissue.

Traditional treatment for gum disease required invasive tools and lengthy procedures -- but with the soft tissue laser, your dentist can zap through the bacteria-filled pockets to stop infection at the source. The soft tissue laser also promotes reattachment to stop infection from occurring again.

In addition to treating gum disease, we can also use the soft tissue laser for the following procedures:

DIAGNOdent for Earlier Cavity Detection

Detecting cavities early is key for being able to provide the most conservative treatment. The DIAGNOdent laser allows us to catch weak spots in the enamel much sooner than is possible with the naked eye or even dental X-rays. We use the DIAGNOdent during your routine checkup and cleaning at the Dental Cosmetic Center. Sometimes, we can spot weak spots in the tooth enamel early enough that they can be strengthened, preventing a cavity and the need for any drilling at all.

The DIAGNOdent is a portable handheld tool that we move all over your tooth enamel. It emits a small laser beam and detects any existing problems, transferring the information to the DIAGNOdent software. Here, your dentist can read the map of your teeth and remineralize weak spots or provide early treatment for existing cavities.

Many Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Healthy periodontal (gum) tissue is vital for a long-lasting, beautiful smile. The soft tissue laser helps us treat periodontal issues more easily and comfortably than ever. Compared to traditional invasive procedures, the benefits of laser dentistry are significant. They include comfort, efficiency, and a faster recovery.

Laser dentistry is...

Who’s The Dentist Near Me Offering Laser Dentistry?

Dr. Hackbarth is committed to offering our patients extraordinary dental care using advanced technology, including the soft tissue laser and DIAGNOdent! Your dentist works to stay attuned to the latest advances in dentistry through a number of professional organizations and activities. He is a true leader in the local dental field -- and our patients of all ages benefit from his expert approach! 

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If you need gum disease therapy or any of the other periodontal procedures mentioned above, you could certainly benefit from laser dentistry. We invite you to request an appointment with the dentist in Texas City today!