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Laser Dentistry in Texas City

In our effort to provide minimally invasive dental care, Dr. Hackbarth often uses laser dentistry. Dental lasers, like soft tissue lasers and DIAGNOdent cavity detection, have transformed comfort and precision.

Our DIAGNOdent laser, used in checkups, scans teeth to find areas of demineralized and/or decayed tooth enamel. The small, handheld wand emits a laser that detects problem areas and sends detailed data to a main unit. DIAGNOdent helps us provide conservative restorations and preventive dental care. It’s safe, effective, and extremely efficient!

Dr. Hackbarth also uses a soft-tissue diode laser in our Texas City office. This tool removes bacterial infection in periodontal pockets for patients with gum disease. The procedure is called debridement, and it promotes healing, as well as prompt reattachment of gums to teeth.

Our soft-tissue laser can also cut tissue, so we use it in gum grafting and biopsies. If you suffer from cold or canker sores, ask Dr. Hackbarth about laser treatment to eliminate the lesions for good. With soft-tissue laser therapy, you’ll experience minimal bleeding and less discomfort, so most people recover quickly after laser dental procedures.

Soft-Tissue Laser

If you’re one of the 80% of American adults who suffer from gum disease, you’ll appreciate the convenience, precision, and comfort of soft-tissue laser therapy for gum treatment. Our hygienists and Dr. Hackbarth use the laser to debride gums – which involves removing bacteria from periodontal pockets. This procedure eliminates bacteria and promotes fast reattachment of gums to teeth. Laser dentistry can also be performed to take biopsies, graft soft tissue, and treat cold sores.