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Dr. John Hackbarth – “Dr. H”

Texas City dentist, Dr. John Hackbarth Dr. Hackbarth earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree in 1976 from the University of Texas Dental School at Houston. Since that time, he has dedicated himself to lifelong learning and continuing dental education. Among his activities:

In addition to continued formal training, Dr. Hackbarth seeks out other experts for hands-on experience, such as assisting surgeons to refine his own surgical techniques, and even studying with physical therapists to learn more about dental-related breathing problems. He is also committed to educating patients, having authored more than 100 columns for the Galveston Daily News and The Post Newspaper.

Dr. Hackbarth spends extended time traveling and teaching his peers. Recently, he has invested time in teaching his peers form across the country how to implement new strategies with removable aligners and other cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Hackbarth and wife JoAnn are both Texas natives, each having ancestors that date back to the days of the Texas Republic. While they enjoy traveling, they are proud to call Texas home. Dr. Hackbarth enjoys spending time with his wife and family, whether it be traveling, shopping, working in the yard, and walking or biking through the parks of Texas City. He is also a gourmet chef who loves to create new dishes. (Ask him about his jalapeno creme sauce on fresh red fish.....delicious!)

Dr. Hackbarth’s wife, JoAnn, works in the dental office with bookkeeping, staff relations, and customer relations. Patients rave about the personal touch she has added to the office decor. In her spare time, JoAnn enjoys decorating at home and at the dental office. She is a former educator and was on the local school board for six years.